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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Proud Mommy Moment

This morning in church my youngest son, Jordan, sang this song that he has recently written (words & music). The name of the song is Calvary. Needless to say my heart was bursting with joy & pride. Ten years ago, Jordan was diagnosed with cancer and on the day of his diagnosis I placed him in God's hands. He has been cancer free for 8 years and now at age 15, he is still in God's hands!!! I truly believe that if Jordan continues to stay focused on God and completely committed to him, God is going to do great & mighty things in his life. I am truly a blessed Mommy!!!!


  1. That was really beautiful and what a testimony of God's goodness!! Way to go Mom!! You have done a great job helping him find his gift!! God has an awesome plan for your young man!!
    Blessings to yall!! Jolena

  2. I tagged you for a little "game" if you wanna play along :)...