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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Love of Our Father

This past Sunday night, my cup was running over with blessings. I had the privilege of hearing a dear friend of mine minister through music. And let me just say – she did some ministering!!!! The last song she sang she did with her son. They sang Brad Paisley & Sara Evan's song "New Again". This song depicts a conversation between Jesus and his mother. How special for her to be singing the part of Mary and her son singing the part of Jesus --- it was so powerful.
As they were singing, I was thinking of the pain and agony that Mary must have been experiencing just thinking about the fact that her son --- the one she had carried and given birth to – the one she had nurtured and loved and cared for --- the one she knew was to be the Savior –the Redeemer – the Deliver – yet, she knew He was going to have to die. As I was thinking of that, I also began to think about the amazing love that our Heavenly Father has to have for us to allow this to happen to His one and only Son.
I also began thinking about the fact that God sent His Son to be our Savior, yes a Savior! We need saving from our sins for all have all sinned (Romans 3:23) and the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through His Son (Romans 6:23). The precious life of Jesus had to be taken because of SIN! Do you get that? God gave His son for our filthiness – for our unrighteousness – for our wretched lives – all because of His amazing love for us!
As I was sitting there, I thought of my two sons and was overwhelmed with the love of my Father. I know that there is no way I could ever willing give the life of one of my sons for anyone --- especially because of someone's disobedience. I think about the fact that while Jesus was on the cross taking on my sin and your sin, His Father --Our Father – had to turn His back on Him because God can't stand to look at sin. (I cannot imagine ever turning my back on any of my children). And because Jesus took all of my sin and all of your sin, and God turned His back on Jesus – that means we have an opportunity for salvation – for forgiveness – for redemption. All we have to do is accept His precious gift and then we can have the assurance that God will never turn His back on us!
I am so thankful that my Heavenly Father provided a way for my salvation and that I accepted His gift many years ago. How about you? Have you accepted the gift of salvation that God has provided for you? If you have, take a moment to praise Him for His amazing love and for giving the life of His Son. If not, I pray you will make that decision today.

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  1. This is beautiful Tonya. You are such a special person and I am proud to call you my friend. Thank you for the example you set for us all. Love you, Julie G.