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Friday, June 25, 2010

My Scraproom!!!!

Well one benefit of your children getting married is that you have spare bedrooms that can be turned into your own space!!!! The weekend after Jake's wedding I got busy and turned his room into my very own scrapbookin' space.  WOOOOHOOOO!!! Here are some before and after pictures. I still want to get some shelves and do some more organizing but at least it’s out of the corner of our den.


A view from the door:

A view from the door:

Stamps, stamps, & more stamps:

All my papers, books & some tools:

This is my workspace:

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  1. It's great to get your own space! I keep saying my son's room would make a great scrapbook room...but it will be awhile...he's 5 (almost 6) :) ...unless we get a bigger house (also wishful thinking!).