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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Name of Jesus!

All of the songs we sang this morning in church had to do with the name of Jesus - Master, Savior, Lion of Judah, Blessed Price of Peace, Shepherd, Fortress, Rock of Salvation, Lamb of God is He, Son of David, King of the Ages, Eternal Life, Holy Lord of Glory His name is Life (from His Name Is Life by Bill Gaither).  

Then Bro. Buddy's message was about how we can know that Jesus is Jehovah God.  In the old testament, the Hebrew word for Jehovah, LORD, is used almost 7,000 times.  Jehovah is the proper name for our God, our personal LORD.  So I started looking at the meaning of Jesus (by the way I love the Blue Letter Bible website -- it gives the Hebrew & Greek meanings of words).  Jesus means "Jehovah is salvation". So Jesus' name is also Jehovah. They are the same in spirit - Jesus has all the attributes, adorations, and activities of God.  Just speaking His name -- Jesus --- oh the peace His sweet name brings. 
As I was sitting there thinking about how my Jesus, my Savior, my LORD  - is the the same LORD - the same Jehovah - -the one that was mentioned 7,000 times in the Old Testament - the creator of this universe, I was overcome with HIS presence.  Last week, as Ron & I were driving home, he asked me if I had ever thought about how small a part of the world we really were.  We were on the interstate driving and there were hundreds of cars on the road with us - -and that was just right where we were at.  But then this morning I was reminded of how very significant I am to my God -- my Savior -- my Jesus --- my Jehovah Salvation! He knows every hair on my head --- every thought in my mind --- every wrinkle in my hand ---- everything about me --- and I also know that I am significant enough that He gave us HIS JESUS to be OUR JESUS! He provided a way to be one with Him. I am so blessed to be HIS child and I am so thankful that I can call Him my Savior.  Just as we sang this morning --- JESUS is everything to me and His name is truly the sweetest name I know.

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