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Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Am So Blessed!

Once again I am amazed at how blessed I am!  Today we were at our county fair as my oldest son, Jake, and his Christian band (Redemption Road) were playing and my other son, Jordan and our youth group also sang 2 songs and then  performed two music skits.

First of all, Redemption Road consists of my son, nephew (Matt), and 2 good friends of theirs (Jimmy & Kyle).  Having a Christian band has been a desire of Jake's for years and over the last year God has been opening lots of doors for him.  Well, today I was blown away with how far God has brought them.  They not only ministered and worshipped God through their music, but Jake also made sure he shared the gospel as he testified in between songs. If you would like to hear a blessing contact them by clicking here and let them minister at your church or youth event. Here are a few pics of them performing:

Jake & Matt

Jimmy & Jake
Redemption Road (Jimmy, Kyle, Jake , Matt)

Jake & Matt


Then I received a double blessing as my youngest son, Jordan, along with other youth from Francis Baptist Church performed 2 songs and 2 music skits.  Jordan led them in singing "I Will Follow" and "Our God".  Then they acted out scenes from "Everything" by Lifehouse and "Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone" by Chris Tomlin.  They allowed God to work through them and let me just tell you, God was at the Putnam County Fair today!!!!  Here are some pics of them performing:

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