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Monday, April 25, 2011

It’s No Secret – Chapters 7 & 8

I cannot get over how much I can relate to with Rachel in her book, It’s No Secret. All through these two chapters I have notes in the margins such as, “Ouch!” WOW, this is so me!” ‘Think about it” as well as double stars and exclamation points.  I guess you could say that I can hear God speaking to me and getting my attention.  Thank you Rachel for being obedient and writing this book! SO here are the points that have stood out to me the most this week:

Chapter 7 – Adjust Your Scale: Revealing the Secret to Perfection in God’s Eyes
  • I often slack off or procrastinate, then grow exhausted, distracted and overwhelmed. As a result I don’t do my best then I beat myself up with regret because my actions, efforts, and outcomes don’t match the idealized image in my head. We seek love and respect from God and from others through what we do and how well we do it. But this is not how God wants us to be. Jesus shows us a new perspective: grace-based love. Grace-based loved finds its source in God – it holds up the cross and grants love before anyone returns the affection. We don’t earn it, we receive it.
  • God’s love for us doesn’t evolve from any particular thing about who we are, how we look, what grades we earn, how many committees were on, or if we pass the bell-ringers outside Wal-Mart at Christmas without dropping in any change.  Rather, God’s love finds its source in Him and who He is!
  • Grace & love flow from God to us and then it’s available to flow through us to others. Maturing isn't something we manage to do for God, it’s what you allow God to do through you.

Chapter 8 – Get By With a Little Help from Your Friends: Revealing the Secret of Interdependence
  • This chapter started out by asking us why we don’t like asking someone for help when we need it.  My top 4 answers were: pride, fear, perfectionism, and don’t want to be a burden/obligation to someone else.
  • 1 Corinthians 12:7 “A spiritual gift is given to each of us as a means of helping the entire church.” That’s the purpose of spiritual gifts & talents God has given you – to help others. And it’s ditto for them!!! Their gifts are there to help you. God created the members of the church t help one another. God hardwired us to need one another and gifted us to help one another. Refusing to ask someone for help deprives them of their opportunity to serve, of an opportunity to fulfill their purpose.
  • Rachel gave the following analogy of the Red Wood trees in California to the body of Christ (the church): Red giants grow together in clumps, intertwining their roots with others as far as 200 feet away. Each one is an individual beauty, yet connected with the others for survival. Even the tallest ones are held up by the smallest ones. By holding hands underground, they hold each other up in the storms of life.

So I am going to stop beating myself up over not being perfect and let that be left up to God. I am also going to try to be better about asking for help when I need it and praying to be more aware of the needs of others around me!

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  1. "So I am going to stop beating myself up over not being perfect and let that be left up to God."

    Hallelujah and AMEN!

    I'm so glad you can relate to me (that means I'm not the only one - what a releif!). And I'm so glad you've joined us for this study.

    Blessings ~Rachel