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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yet Another Reason to Love Studio J!

As if I didn't already love Studio J, now I have even another reason to.  I shared in a post last year the layouts I did of Jake & Tara's wedding.  I ordered all of them and have the 12x12 layouts in an album here at home. When you order your layouts you get full size jpeg files of each layout for FREE!!!

I have been wanting to do something of their wedding for my desk to go along with the 6 x 6 album I have of Katie & Eric's wedding.  (I like showing off my children at work and it makes it even better when it highlights CTMH!!!!) So I finally decided to upload the jpeg files of all the layouts to Scrapbook Pictures and get 6x6 prints made - this was the first time I used their site and I wasn't sure how they were going to turn out. Well, they turned out great --- so today I finally got them added to our 6x6 display album (although I changed it up a bit) and here is the final product:

So now I have a full size album with beautiful layouts of their wedding for my house and a 6x6 one for my desk!!!! Yes -- I love CTMH & Studio J!!!!!!


  1. Love. Love the 6x6 album with Studio J. It just gets better & better