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Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Daily ... 12/1/2012

I am planning on doing a December Daily album this year (my first attempt).  I know that I will not be able to create a page everyday so I thought I would create 3 or 4 posts each week then I can come back here and use the info to create my album. Since this is my first attempt at this we shall see what happens.....

Dec. 1
Today we decorated our tree and the inside of the house.  It's so different now the kids are older so we decorated in shifts.  Jordan helped me this morning then Britt hung hers & Katie's ornaments when she cam home this afternoon. I love decorating for Christmas:

Jordan hanging his & Jake's ornaments along with the family ones!

Britt adding hers & Katie's to the tree!
The finished product!
This is the oldest of several Nativity scenes we have around the house.  I think this one is at least 15 years old.


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