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Saturday, March 9, 2013

I Am Not....

I just recently finished the book I Am Not But I Know I Am by Louie Giglio and it was truly eye-opening to just how small I am and how big my amazing God is!!!! I want to share some of the ideas from this book that spoke the loudest to me. Please know that these are direct quotes from the book. (Maybe one day I will be able to write like this!!!!)

  •  “I Am Who I Am” --- God exists, God is, God has been, He is in the moment & He always will be GOD!
  •  “I Am Not” --- Admitting this means we admit that we are not in control, not running anything, not responsible for everyone’s well-being, not the solution for everything & everyone, not at the center of all things – this does NOT belittle us – it FREES us!!!!
  • Waking up to the massive God story happening all around me & discovering God’s invitation to join Him in it.
  • God is God, the Author & Sustainer of everything – Alpha & Omega, the Beginning & the End!
  • Life is short and our time on earth is really brief – that’s why we have to make sure our lives count for the stuff that lasts forever!
  • God knows me better than I know myself. He knows how small & frail & weary I am. He knows my limitations & He made me this way for a reason. He knows how weak I am and how strong He is. He desires to do huge, God-sized things through me.
  • I am an ordinary person - one of the lowest, lesser known, the least, the smallest & poorest that God chooses to use to accomplish amazing God-sized stuff.
  • When God invites us into His story, assigning us various roles that are seemingly too big for us to carry out, His affirmation is always the same – “I will be with you!”
  • I have no idea how small I really am or how big God truly is!
  • God is more massive than our wildest imaginations. He is constant! God has no dilemmas, no quandaries, no counselors, no struggles, no rivals, no fears, and no worries! He is self-evident, self-contained, self-perpetuated, self-powered & self-aware! He is timeless. Ageless. Changeless. Always. He shows no signs of wear & tear. He has no needs. He’s the owner & creator of all the world’s wealth & treasure. He made the gold & the silver, and even the trees we make our paper money on!
  • He holds the patent on the skies above – the earth, the seas and their depths below, the breeze, the colors of the sunset and every flowering thing. They are all His invention – His design – His idea!
  • What a way to walk through life – entering every environment with every intention to shine as little light as possible on me and as much light as possible on the Son of God!!!
  • From the very beginning –even before time began – the Father, Son & Spirit were thinking about how much they love me and how they are going to create me beautifully, fearfully and wonderfully – for the sole purpose of having an intimate and forever long friendship with!
  • Not only do we know I AM but I AM lives in us. He displays His power in us and glorifies His name through us.
  • He must become greater & I must become less --- John 3:29-30. This means a focused determination, a calculated purpose statement for life & ministry.
  • Sabbath is not so much a day off as it is a day up – a day to remember that He is God & we are not! Without the Sabbath, we forget who we are and loose sight of who He is! God didn’t need to rest. He’s God. He simply stopped to celebrate all that He had done. He stepped back and took time to admire His effort & receive glory from His creation. Sabbath rest is about me realizing that God is the only one capable of doing anything eternal in and through me!
  • Pride is simply an admission that I haven’t seen God at all. Humility is the instant right-sizing of me that occurs with just only an eyeful of His majesty. True humility is not a sign of weakness, failure or inability but rather a sign that we are getting to know God and have glimpsed His glory!
  • What does a Christ-exalting life look like? Being the best at what we do and leading in every strata of society yet being honorable & dependable, walking with humility and treating everyone we encounter along the way the same way Jesus would.
  • Someone higher is always writing a greater story – a story that will endure when all else fades!
  • I was in the mind of God in eternity past and as God was thinking of me, it was so I could fully enjoy HIM! He was intent on making sure I know how magnificent He is!
  • I am not…but God knows my name.
 I am not…but He has pursued me in His love.
 I am not…but I know the Creator of the universe.
 I am not, but I know I AM!

This book is so worth reading .....

Giglio, L. (2012). I Am Not But I Know I Am. Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA: Multnomah Books.


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