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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wedding Flowers!!!!!

As many of you know my daughter is getting married in July.  She is using seven, yes 7, different colors in her wedding.  Each one of her girls will have a different accent color with a black dress. Britt knew she wanted each girl to have flowers to match their color of sash and shoes -- however, finding flowers in all the colors became a challenge.  So we decided to get white carnations and dye them the appropriate colors.  We used CTMH re-inkers mixed with equal parts of water & alcohol then started dipping & dyeing!!! They turned out perfectly!

Here is a picture of the finished flowers with the swatches in the middle to show how close we got to having perfect matches!!!

Here is the process for dyeing artificial flowers:

Mix equal parts of water with 91% isopropyl alcohol -- add drops of re-inker (I used all CTMH re-inkers in Ocean, Watermelon, Sunny Yellow, Pacificia, Dutch Blue, Orange & Clover Meadow). Then take your white flowers and start dipping!

Lay the flowers flat (or hang them upside down) until thoroughly dry!

Here is the bride to be dipping her flowers:

We are planning on adding one more step by spraying them with a mist that we will create with the same re-inkers and a drop of pearl paint.  This will give the flowers a shimmer as well as deepen the colors just a tad bit. When we finish that step, I will post an update!

I will be updating periodically as we create more items for the wedding festivities.  We have several things planned that we will be making & the best part is we are doing this together!!!!


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