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Thursday, August 8, 2013

#PalmsUp - I am Saying Yes to God!!!!

God has really been speaking to my heart over the last few months about my messed up priorities. Then this week as I was reading Chapter 1 of Lysa TerKeurst "What Happens When Women Say Yes to God" I felt the slap in my face I needed to make me realize how messed up priorities have been. When Lysa asked what's holding us back, I knew immediately it was my priorities. The night I read that part, I had told myself I was only going to be on Facebook for 10 minutes then I was going to do my Say Yes study for the evening. Well an hour and a half later I was still on Facebook. Then I started reading the discussion questions and saw that one and bam I felt the slap!!!! I realized that I had put Facebook ahead of my time with my Lord! He was asking me to spend time with Him and I said later - that's the same as telling Him no! How can I love the Lord my God with all my heart and all my soul and all my might, when I spend more time on Facebook than I spend with Him? Now that's some messed up priorities. 

Thankfully I serve an amazing awesome God that loves me unconditionally and just wants me to say Yes. Well I am saying Yes to Him - my Jesus has my full attention and I am learning to listen for His whispers and to feel His nudges because I don't want to miss anymore of His "surprise parties" or divine appointments that He has planned especially for me! 

Yes God I am ready to be radically obedient and whatever you say do, I will do it!!!!!

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  1. I get the same way, I'll pray after I check emails or after I do a quick twitter scan, ugh! I too got the slap on the face, at least we are in this together! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! How many times have I put so many things before my time with Him? Blessings!

    Jennifer N
    OBS Core/Teaching Teams

  3. Yes, there are so many obstacles these days that get in our way of spending more time with God. I usually get up in the morning and fix my coffee then I sit down with my iPad to read my morning devotionals that come to my mailbox. But, I promise you that I have to completely avoid looking at anything else on my iPad that will distract me from my quiet time with God, because I know it will! I'm working on it, it's a daily reminder to myself that everything goes much better in my day if I start it with a good dose of God. Amen!

  4. You got a "holy smack"! LOL I LOVE those! I'm with you. God has been showing me my priorities too. Glad to be on this journey with you! #palmsup

  5. Social media is so tempting, isn't it?! I hear ya! I love that God is so full of grace and that He lets us start fresh. I hope you find some practical ways to hold yourself accountable to new priorities!