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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wedding Creations!

So one of the reasons I have been absent for so long is hat I have been busy wedding planning.  My daughter got married 2 weeks ago and we created most of her reception decorations. I had posted a few months ago about how we were using our re-inkers to die white carnations (read this post for colors and directions) to match her chosen colors. We also used CTMH's  3" "My Creations Block" for part of the table decorations.  Here are a few collages of our creations:

3 in. "My Creations Block"painted black then covered with card stock, bling, love quotes and white & black 2'" photos.

Mason jars, clear stones & white carnations dyed with re-inkers and coordinator ribbon.
The other project for the decoration were using white paint with our re-inkers to paint chalkboards. She used the chalkboards on each table for guests to write advice then upload the pics to a wedding app she found.  Here's my advice for the newlyweds:

Here is a picture of what the centerpieces looked like in the end:

Mason jar, block and chalkboard all on a silver tray. Each table was a different color.
We also used the flowers for all the bouquets --- Here is a picture of Britt with her girls that show the color scheme for the wedding:

Now for a few pics from the wedding:

The Newlyweds

The bride and her daddy!!!!

The bride and her mommy!!!


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