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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Technique Tuesday #2

This week I am going to share one of my favorite techniques.  I am sure most of yo know about this technique but it never hurts to be reminded of an oldie!!!!

Edge Distressing

This was created using the "direct" method -- simply applying ink all around the edges directly from the ink pad.  This method is more free & random. Personally this is my favorite way to edge distress -- its also the quickest!

This is the 'sponge' method.  You ink the sponge up , then swipe the edges with the sponge. This method allows for a more controlled and even look.
There are also many other ways use can distress your edges --- sandpaper, scissors, edge distressed, stipple brush, spritz pen, and so on.  For me, distressing the edges gives the project a finished look and adds just a touch of pizazz!!!!!

Tune in next week for another technique or tutorial!!!!


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