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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Power of God's Word!

So this morning I had the privilege of teaching our youth Sunday school class and the lesson today was titles "How Did We Get the Bible?"  When I started studying for the lesson, I noticed that our key verse was one of my favorites that I had studied many times --

All scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for rebuking, for correcting, for training in righteousness, so that the man of god may be complete, equipped for every good work. 
2 Timothy 3:16-17

From previous studies I have focused on the fact that God inspired the scriptures and His word was to be used for teaching, showing us when we're wrong & correcting us.  But as I was studying I realized there is so much more to this verse as well as some facts about the preservation of the Bible.

First of all, let's look at the word inspired - this is from the Greek word, theopneustos.  If we look at the meaning of this word we can see 'theo' and 'pneustos'. Theo is God & pneustos is breathe or breathed and is the same word that is used in Genesis to describe how God breathed life into Adam. So it literally means "God breathed" as well as "life".  So now look at the verse again --- all Scripture is "God breathed" --- God breathed life into every scripture -- every word!!!! It does not say that God inspired writers - it says He inspired the WORDS! He breathed the words! This was exciting to me because for the first time I realized that every word in my Bible has God's breath on it - it has His power - His life!

Now let's continue with this thought as we read more --- all Scripture is also profitable. If something's profitable that means it has value, a gain, an advantage! And it is profitable in teaching me, correcting me, training me ---- so that I will be complete - ready - prepared to do whatever He places in my path! WOW!!!!

Not only did we look at the beauty and the power of this verse, but we also looked at how the actual words in the book has been passed down for thousands of years with over 99% accuracy!!! We looked at several facts about the Bible:

  • Written over a 1600 year time span
  • Written by 40 different authors
  • There are more than 168,000 Bibles sold or given away each day in the U.S. alone
  • There are more than 3,200 verses with fulfilled prophecy within the Bible itself or since the Bible was written
  • Bible has been translated in more than 1,200 languages
Then we looked at the evidence of the Old Testament from the Dead Sea Scrolls (you can read about this here.) Here is a quick summary of this fascinating info --- in 1948, some teenage shepherds were tending their flocks when one of them tossed a rock into a cave and heard a shatter.  Long story short, they hit a clay jar that contained one of the manuscripts of one of the OT books.  (To be honest, I never really thought about what this really means, I mean I had heard about the Dead Sea Scrolls but never really took the time to understand the importance of them. ) So to begin understanding this, you must first realize what a manuscript is.  We will use Moses as an example - Moses wrote the first 5 books of the OT during the 40 years in the wilderness and presented it to the priests for them to store in the Ark of the Covenant. These were the original manuscripts, but over time they became worn so scribes would very painstakingly write a new manuscript by copying word for word from the old manuscript --- it even explained that they would take such care with this even the spacing between letters and words were exact.  Once a new manuscript was finished, they would place the old ones in clay jars and bury them for preservation.  Well these buried clay jars were what was discovered that day by those young shepherds. Now get this, the manuscripts that were discovered are over 99% accurate with what we have today in our Bibles and every book of the OT was found with the exception of Esther!

Now I don't know about you, but for me finding jars with manuscripts that were over 2,000 years old that shows over 99% accuracy with what we have in our Bibles gives us the why we can believe without a doubt that ALL SCRIPTURE is GOD BREATHED!!!!!!  And yet, we take His Word for granted on a daily basis.  May we all grasp this power and truly let His word complete us and equip us for everything He has planned for us!

I encourage you to do your own research on this if you have any doubts at all about the validity or the POWER of God's Word!


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