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Friday, February 14, 2014

#Truth - MTC Blog Hop #4

Made to Crave Blog Hop

This week (actually the last month) has been really tough, from a couple of tough situations at work to my mom being sick again as well as one of my best friends grieving the loss of 3 close family members. Normally, with all this going on, I would be ready to give up on healthy eating and  simply say forget it -- I would be ready to throw in the towel and indulge in whatever I could get my hands on! But as I've been doing this study this time, my heart is changing - I may not be loosing a lot of weight - but I feel better and most of all I am craving God more than I ever have!!!!

The #TRUTH is life is not always fair but as a child of the one true King I have the privilege of being able to grab hold of God's strength and allow HIS power to come into all of these tough, unfair situations! And because of that, I am the one with the advantage. So how can I say it's unfair?

Lysa says it so well in Chapter 11 as she shares this prayer, "God, I am at the end of my strength here. This is the moment I've got to sense Your strength stepping in. The Bible says Your power is made perfect in weakness. This would be a really good time for that truth to be my reality. Help me see something else besides this temptation looming so large in front of me it seems impossible to escape."

This temptation for me is to give up - to throw in the towel - to quit!!!! But the #TRUTH is I am made for more than quitting - I am made for preserving and God will give me all the grace & power I need to see this through to victory!!!



  1. Thanks for sharing your #Truth. Praying for you and your loved ones.
    Lauren, P31 OBS blog hop team

  2. Yeah Tonya! You are made in His Image and not a quitter! Praying that you will continue to wave your towel in victory

  3. Praising God with you Tonya! The reward of feeling better & craving God more is far greater & far more reaching than it would even seem now. It will help bring a life time of reward! The weight loss will follow a change in your heart eventually. Awesome job & awesome testimony!
    Katrina Wylie (OBS small group leader)