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Thursday, March 13, 2014

TBT - Studio J Style!!!

Throwback Thursday

In honor of this month's amazing special on Studio J layouts --- only $5 each -- I thought I would share the very first SJ layout I created.

These layouts are of Katie's wedding from 2009 and now I am currently working on Britt's (I will share them when I get them finished)!  I have to say as much as I loved Studio J in 2009, I can honestly say I love it so much more now.  Studio J has added so many more features since it was first introduced and what is really great is it is completely FREE to use.  Your account is FREE and you can create for FREE. You never pay for anything until you are ready to order your pages.  And this month a 2 page 12x12 layout spread is only $5!!!!!! - You can;t even get 2 8x10 prints for that price, much less high quality archival layouts that allow you to not only preserve your pictures but also your thoughts and make it look AMAZING all at the same time!!!! So what are you waiting for, click here and get started today.  If you have questions or would like a tutoring session, contact me!!!!


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