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Sunday, April 13, 2014


I love this time of year! I love the cool mornings and warm days! I love family gatherings! I love the excitement of the little ones when they find an egg that has been very carefully hidden! I love Spring Break! But most of all, I love Easter and what it means! Easter is a great reminder of what our Savior did for us  - not just His crucifixion but most of all His resurrection - for that is what brings us life! (Check back later in the week for a post that explains in detail the importance of the resurrection!)

In celebrating the Easter season the message in church this morning was about Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Christ was crucified.) I loved how this was explained this morning and God really spoke to my heart through the sermon today so I wanted to share some of this insight with you.

The message was based on Luke 19:28-48. Before reading any further, open your Bible or click on the reference to read the passage.

The Triumphal Entry - We can see several things from this passage that happens when Jesus arrives.

  • When Jesus arrives, there is always preparation! (v. 30-32)
  • When Jesus arrives, there is always celebration! (v. 36-38)
  • When Jesus arrives, there is always opposition! (v. 39)
  • When Jesus arrives, there will always be a witness! (v. 40)
  • When Jesus arrives, there is a cleansing! (v. 45-46)

We see all of these things taking place in these verses, but more importantly all of this also happens to us when Jesus arrives in our lives! Before we could ever enter into a personal relationship with Him, He prepares our heart! When we invite Him in and He arrives, there is a great celebration -- I can still remember the celebration that occurred within me the very moment I gave my heart to Christ! But I can also remember some of the opposition & the battles that Satan would throw my way. When Jesus arrived in my life, there were definitely some areas He had to clean up and He still works on cleaning me up on a daily basis! And from the very moment He arrived in me, I became His witness!

Palm Sunday is not just a time for us to remember the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, it is also a time for us to rejoice over the triumphal entry Jesus had in our own personal lives! And if for some reason none of this makes sense to you or you have never had the joy of experiencing the arrival of Christ in your life, please contact me! I would love to share more with you and pray with you!

Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest!


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