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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Loving Well

This weekend our church had our annual Rubies for God 'Raisin’ the Roof' weekend event. This year we decided to do the Beth Moore’s Loving Well Bible study and let me just say – we had an amazing God filled experience!!!! Tonight I wanted to share some of the highlights from the study as well as how God poured His love all over me.

Highlights from the Study
This study was all about learning how to love well and to begin with we must realize that we will never be able to love well until we feel well loved. We must learn to stop covering up and be transparent and let God love all up on us. God wants us to know that in order for us to love Him more, we must first let Him love us more!! In order for us to love well, we must be dipping into the Loving Well which is Jesus. Jesus is our Loving Well – He is our Living Water.

To begin with God is perfect love – this is not referring to a feeling, this is referring to His character. Love is part of God’s Godness and nothing you do can make Him love you less or nothing you do can make Him love you more. Nothing can separate us from God’s perfect love!

In order for us to do what He has called us to do, in order for us to be who He has called us to be, in order for us to love who He’s called us to love, we are going to have to live in a constant awareness of His love for us.  Because His perfect love is poured into our imperfect hearts, we are equipped to love anyone through anything – even those difficult people in our lives as well as our enemies!  In order to do this, we must learn to love with the love of God (Romans 5:5) and we must learn to love with insight (Philippians 1:9-10) When we love those who are hard to love, we are offering a gift of sacrifice to God! We will never be more Christ-like than when we are loving those that are not easy to love.

We are also instructed to love the stranger, those that are not on our daily radar. God challenges us to love people who are outside of our world. In the name of Jesus, we need to stop, pause & minister. Sometimes God calls us to witness to someone, but there are many times when He wants us to meet their needs first.  We must love them with the love of Jesus. Strangers take on many different shapes & forms, and we are called to love them. There are two reasons we must do this:
  • It is an opportunity to love with no strings attached, with nothing we can get back from them.
  • Loving afar relieves us of the burden of self-absorption.
So when we learn to love the stranger, we are not focused on ourselves and we are loving like Jesus loves!

My Insights
I cannot even begin to put in words everything that I got out of this study but I want to at least put a few things in writing so that I will remember them! First of all, God loves me unconditionally – His love is not a feeling – it is who HE is! That means His love will never waver – it will never go away – it will never lessen – I can’t have a big enough checklist to make Him love me more and I can never do anything to make Him love me less! I don’t have to prove myself as lovable to Him – He loves me exactly as I am!!!!

Not only does He love me unconditionally, He also knows exactly what my trials and struggles are at any given time.  And He knows how its going to turn out and He promises it will turn out well. During the midst of all these trails, I realized this weekend that I do not have to be strong all the time – He wants to be strong for me!!!!

I’m not sure where you are or what you are going through as you are reading this blog, but I want to reassure you that God loves you unashamedly, His banner flies over you, His eyes and His affections are on you, He knows what you are going through, and He is right there waiting for you to draw near to His throne!

Let Him pour His love out all over you! Let His love help you to love well!


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  1. I loved it. I went just to meet you all, didn't really thought I needed anything, but this study ended up opening a can of worms I didn't know I had. So thank you for inviting me! Now I understand what I need to work at. :)