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Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Blessings of Mother's Day!!!

I was going to post a status on Facebook about Mother's Day but it was going to be too long for Facebook, so I decided I would do a blog post instead. (When I share it on FB, I'll tag anyone who I want to make sure reads this - LOL).

To begin with I want to give a special thank you to my mom. When she became pregnant with me, she was told that she would not be able to carry me and if she did her life and my life would be in danger.  The doctor actually wanted to her to abort me but thankfully she was very determined to prove them wrong  - to the point of staying on complete bed rest for the last two months of her pregnancy with bricks propping the end of the bed up! Thank you Mom! I also want to tell her thank you for being the foundation for our family -- no matter what we have faced she has always kept us going.  I have seen her face so much adversity with her health, yet she never lets it stop her when it comes to loving her family and being there for us! At this time, my dad's health is not good and she has found an inner strength to take care of him that I know only comes from her deep faith in our Lord! Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Now on to my children! Words cannot even express how blessed and honored I am to be mom / mommy / momma to my amazing children! I never truly understood what unconditional love meant until I became a mother. I also never realized how crazy, fun, exhausting, blessed, wonderful, exciting, scary, worrisome, content and oh so much more that life could be until I had children. From morning sickness to sleep deprived nights to countless hours soothing a sick child to comforting broken hearts to the joy of hand picked flowers and hand made gifts to the excitement of weddings and the tears of going off to college .... I wouldn't trade one minute of it for all the money in the world - being a mom is truly the greatest thing ever!!!! Thank you God for giving me the blessing and honor of being a mom to world's most awesome children!!!!!

Then 3 years ago a whole new experience happened and I became a Gigi! These two blessings have completely rocked my world and I can't wait to be Gigi to many more!!!! To hear Tenley tell me "I love you Gigi" and seeing Jase smile when he hears my voice....well let's just say this Gigi melts!!!!

And finally I want to say a special thank you to my wonderful mother-in-love, Linda. Thank you for aiding such an amazing son whom I am blessed to call my husband.  Thank you for opening your arms and your heart to me and always making us feel like part of the family!

As you can see I am truly one blessed lady!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I enjoyed reading this and love you very much. Ty for sharing your beautiful and intimate thoughts and feelings!