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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Cards & Picture My Life Mashup

So here is another a mashup using Picture My Life Pear & Partridge with some card bases and embellishments!

Many of the cards have red & green sparkles but I only had clear ones! However, thanks to a tip I just received from a dear friend and my upline, Melissa, I found out we can color our sparkles with our new markers!!!!! OMW! This is my new favorite trick -- I love sparkles and now I can match them with all my projects!!!!

As far as the cards go, this is a great deal.  The PML Pear & Partride kit that I purchased is shown here:

With the a'la Carte program you get a total of 122 PML cards for only $14.95 each which makes each individual cards less than 13 cents each.  So for my Christmas cards I either used 1 or 2 of the PML cards, a few embellishments, card stock for the mat and a card base --- most definitely less than $0.50 per card!!!!! Now that's a deal!!!

Visit my website to get your PML kit today and get your own handmade cards ready for Christmas!!!! And while your at it add some sparkles and a few markers so you embellish, embellish, embellish!!!!


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