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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Over the last few days I have been reflecting on all that has taken place in 2014 and all I can do is simply say - I am blessed!  I could very easily be negative and focus on the many trials, unmet goals and missed opportunities but I refuse to do that.  Instead I want to focus on a few of the blessings:

  • A new grandson -- Jase Michael
  • Taking Tenley to AWANA every Wednesday
  • Healing of both Mom & Dad
  • Britt working at Price Middle School
  • Jake becoming the worship leader at Dunn's Creek Baptist
  • Katie having her surgery
  • Jordan & Andrea getting engaged
  • Ron continuing to grow closer to God
  • Our church called a new pastor (& he starts this Sunday!)
  • A very successful first year as a principal
  • Overall good health
  • Amazing friends
  • Essential Oils
  • Chosen to participate in the Commissioner's Leadership Academy
  • Spent time with family
  • Two get-away vacations with my hubby
  • And I promise this list could keep going.....
I have seen God's hand in so many ways this past year and that's even during a year that I wasn't always where I needed to be with Him, yet He chose to bless me anyway! I can't even imagine how much more blessed I would be if I was closer to Him!!!!!

As I reflected on 2014, I started thinking about 2015 and what resolutions I wanted to make.  And guess what, I decided to not make any!!! Yep that's right -- I am not making any resolutions! After all, I normally don't meet them then I feel guilty over not meeting them and well it's simply a vicious cycle of defeat!  

What I am doing is going to strive to love & serve God more each day than I did the day before and to simply learn to be alert and be present in His presence!!!!  The way I see it, when this happens, I won't have to worry about anything else because everything else will naturally fall into place! I will know without a doubt how He wants me to live each day and what choices to make (from what I eat to the money I spend and everything in between) that pleases Him.

Here are a couple of quotes from Christine Caine that I saw the other day that I am going to claim this year:
  • Vision will get inspired. Discipline will get you there. 
  • Not everyone got to wake up on earth today. Don't waste the gift of this day.
My vision is to draw closer to God than I have ever been before and to be present in everyday. God is wanting to do something brand new in me and am ready for Him to get to work! So here is to a fresh start and a time to simply be alert and present!!!!!


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