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Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's All About That Oil!!!!

I figured it was time I speak up now that I have some personal stories to share about the oily life! I began using Young Living Essential Oils last October.

My main reason for getting into the oily life was to try to find some relief for my mom and her many health issues.   I began doing a lot of reading and praying so I would know which oils to get for my mom.  One of her biggest issues at that time was kidney stones, her lupus and immune system.  So I started her on a regimen of Thieves (to boost her immune system), Lemon (kidneys), Peppermint (headaches, nausea) & Lavender (rest and anything else you need!!!!) All of these oils have many more benefits these were simply my main focus.  The following month I got her using a couple of different oils for her COPD (Breath Again) and pain (pain cream from several different oils & Copaiba).  Please know, my mom still has lupus and fibromyalgia; however, the quality of her life has drastically improved.  She has not had a berthing treatment since last October and although she did come down with the flu, she didn't end up in the hospital with pneumonia!!!  For those of you who know the battles she has had over the last few years - -this is a huge victory!!! The only thing different she is doing is using the oils!!!!

I am also using several different oils myself for overall health and simply to feel better and let me just say - they truly work!!!! There are so many little things as well that I love about the oils from making stinky shoes & feet smell better to helping my headaches and tendonitis --- I can honestly say - I love my oils!!!!!And what makes them even more special - they are all natural and have been used since the beginning of time. Essential oils are made by God and what God creates is always for our benefit!

Because I know how great these oils are, I want to share how good they are with everyone.  I would be glad to have a more in-depth conversation with you about these amazing essential oils. I can also teach a basic oil class for you and your friends --- this would give you an opportunity to earn FREE oils and gifts!

Or you can just take the plunge like I did and sign up to be a wholesale member and get a starter kit! For anyone who signs up, I will personally give you a reference book that will help you get started on your own oily journey!


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