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Friday, March 27, 2015

My Walk With Jesus

A few weeks ago I went to see Rend Collective, Tenth Ave. North & Chris Tomlin with some of my closest friends. It was an amazing concert and it was just what my soul needed!!!! There were several songs that spoke such truth to my heart. One of them was Rend Collective's "Finally Free" and the first stanza speaks of how God's mercy rains down on us like confetti at a wedding. WOW what a visual of His mercy that is new every morning! And I know without a doubt I need His mercy to pour over me everyday!

Another song that really spoke to my heart was Tenth Avenue North's "I Need You."  You see, when I first realized that I was lost, I knew I needed Jesus to save me - I knew I needed Him.  But at that time, it really wasn't in me to love Him, I just knew I needed Him.

However, as I began my journey with Jesus I quickly realized I also loved Him. I love Him because He first loved me! I love Him for giving His life for me! I love Him because no matter what I do, He pours His mercy all over me like confetti at a wedding! I love Him because of who He is! I love Him because He forgave me and continues to forgive me! I love Him because He took this no good lousy sinner and made me worthy & righteous! (I could keep going for a ling time on reasons why I love Him...)

Now, twenty-three years after giving my life to Jesus, I can honestly say that I want Him! My relationship with Jesus is so personal, so real, so alive --- that it's much deeper than a need or even love -- I want to be with Him, I want to walk with Him, I want to spend time with Him, I want to simply be in His presence.  And I know that it is only Him that can give me joy & it is only Him that can fill a void & break a silence deep in my soul!

Here is a video of this song -- listen and worship.....

There were so many other songs that spoke to my heart also, but this one has really been ministering to me over the last few days and I wanted to share it with you!!!!! If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, please contact me -- I would love to share more with you!


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