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Monday, May 4, 2015

Soar Like an Eagle

The other morning, I read a devotion from Girlfriends in God based on Isaiah 40:31: -

The devotion was about how we get so overwhelmed with our schedules and day to day stuff that happens. Yet if we would simply make time with God a priority on our daily agenda, then we would be overcomers and not overwhelmed. Here is an excerpt from the devotion:

Am I willing to find my worth in the presence of God instead of in the approval of others?
Am I willing to set aside my to-do list in order to seek God?
Am I willing to surrender my calendar to Him?
Am I willing to change my plans during the day when I sense Him leading me in a different direction?
What is urgent is not always what is most important. To keep from being overwhelmed, we must surrender every minute of every day to God, asking Him to give us discernment and wisdom about where to invest our time.
If we want to run the race for an audience of One, we have to be willing to spend time alone with God, preparing for that race. Learning to wait on God instead of rushing headlong into the day, hoping and praying that God blesses our efforts, will radically change the way we live. When we make Him our first priority, every other priority will line up, and everything else will fall into place. A life of purpose will replace that frantic life filled with stress and anxiety. God will renew our strength. We will soar on wings like eagles; we will run and not grow weary, we will walk and not be faint. We will be overcomers!
Click here to read the whole passage. 

So after reading the devotion and realizing God was speaking to me very loudly, I took the verse and mapped it. (Meaning that I broke down the difference phrases and words looking at definitions as well as deeper meanings). In doing that, this is some of the things I learned:
  • but those who hope in the Lord - placing all my trust in God - Jehovah the one true God / waiting on HIM / focusing on HIM
  • renew their strength - fresh dose of strength (mentally & physically)
  • soar on wings like eagles --- to soar - act of gliding while maintaining altitude; when an eagle is soaring then it is not having to expend all his energy flapping his wings. It also allows the eagle to remain at a constant altitude - no sinking down, no getting wore out, soaring carries an eagle for a long distance
  • run and not grow weary, walk and not faint - will not get tired, exhausted, worn out, impatient, dissatisfied, feeble, weak
So what does this mean? It means that when I place my trust in God - the creator of all things, my Elohim, my El Shaddai, my Addonai - when my focus is on HIM, then my strength will be renewed - I will have a fresh dose of energy - I will be uplifted! Regardess of the days obstacles or agenda or circumstances, I can know without a doubt, that I can soar above all the things that seem to come flying at me at full force.  And what’s great about soaring is that it takes a lot less energy than me trying to ‘flap’ my way around and dodge all the flying bullets & debris!!! When I soar, I will not become tired or dissatisfied or impatient or even feeble. Taking the time to make my relationship with God as my first priority will make the rest of my day so much better! 

Father, I want to soar like an eagle! I am tired of flapping around always exhausted, overwhelmed and even dissatisfied at times.  Lord, I want my strength to be renewed - a fresh dose of energy! I want my hope to be in You and only You! Help me to make my time with You the most important part of my day! In Jesus Name, Amen



  1. Thank you! You are certainly a vessel of the source. I am always touched by your fb reflections and devotionals and now to read this, I am humble and grateful to be your friend.

    1. Thank you Jamila!!! Your comment & insight means so much to me! It is an honor & blessing to call you friend!