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Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Heart is Overflowing

There are very few times that I am completely speechless but this morning I experienced one of them.  This week of Thanksgiving has definitely been one of the best I have ever had and this morning God poured grace and love and blessings all over my already full heart!

It started with taking some time off from work and simply unwinding.  We also finished getting Britt & Jordan's rooms changed over to a 'guest room' and a 'play room' as well as I had the time to get my scrapbook room organized and cleaned.  Those three rooms have been a stressor to me for the last year or so because they just screamed of empty nest, disarray and chaos every time I walked to that part of the house. But not anymore -- I actually feel good about what we have done in there and I am at peace with our empty nest.

On Wednesday we had all of our children and grand-babies here with Nanny & Papa and enjoyed Thanksgiving #1! My heart always fills up when our house is full with family! Then on Thursday, we had Thanksgiving #2 at my mom & dad's with 26 of us gathering and celebrating with each other.  The best part of the day was walking into the house and seeing my mom already showered with make-up on and cooking dinner with Jake helping! For her to be feeling well enough to cook was a true blessing but then to have her not in one of her house dresses was even better.  We all sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather then Mom & Dad both stayed outside and watched the crazies play their annual football game. What a difference one year has made with her health!!!!

All of this was followed by a very relaxing day at home on Friday with just me & the hubby as well as a drive down to Nanny & Papa's to sit on the back porch playing cards and again enjoying some beautiful sunshine and a wonderful breeze! On Saturday our house was full with all the kids here again watching the Florida - Florida State game (all of us are Gator fans with the exception of the two sons-in-law) but even with a loss the day was a blessing!

Then this morning --- I still am not even sure how to put everything I experienced in words but here goes.  We went to church at Dunn's Creek where my parents go, Jake is the worship pastor and my nephew plays guitar. Jordan was to be the guest speaker this morning there and up to this point I had not heard Jordan preach since he started at PBA. I watched a video of one of his messages and knew that he had definitely grown in his preaching since he had left and wow - what a message he brought today!!!

As I walk in the sanctuary I realize we have two full rows of family including Mom & Dad, my sister, nieces, an aunt & uncle, Britt, Justin, Andrea & her parents and then Ron & I.  Jake begins the service with Shout Hosanna and my heart starts filling up. We then sing Go Tell It on the Mountain followed by Mighty to Save and end with Holy Spirit.  Here I am worshiping my Lord & Savior surrounded by family with Jake leading worship, Jordan standing on the front row ready to bring the Word, my husband & Britt beside me and knowing that Katie is at her church in Orange Park singing in the choir!  At some point during Mighty to Save my heart begins overflowing and during Holy Spirit my eyes burst with tears of pure joy as I am totally overcome with how very blessed I am! I may not have the fanciest of homes, or designer label clothes or a bank account with lots of money or a skinny body -- but you know what -- I could care less! Because what I do have, money cannot buy!!!! What I have is peace in my salvation as well as in knowing that my husband and all of our children and their spouses have a personal relationship with Jesus and that all of them are living a life that is a testimony of what the love of Jesus looks like! What I have is HOPE and FAITH and LOVE and MERCY and GRACE and FORGIVENESS! And that is what I am oh so very thankful for today and everyday!!!!


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