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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Over 100 Stamp Sets For Sale

I have been cleaning and organizing over the last couple of weeks. During this process I also made the decision to simplify and purge!!!! I have donated a car full of clothes and 'treasures' and now I am ready to part with many stamp sets that I no longer use or have duplicates of!!!! At one time I didn't think you could have too many stamp sets; however, I now realize that the fewer I have, the more likely I will be to use them.

As you will see many of them are barely used and some have never been used!!!! Prices range from $5 - $10, depending on the size (A & B size are $5, C are $7 and D & S sizes are $10).  Anyone that orders over $100 worth in stamps will receive FREE shipping!!!! I am also willing to make some deals for anyone that would like more than 20 stamps!!!!

Please send me an email with the names of the ones you would like  and I will send you a total cost.





  1. Id like the You're great set with the elephant please

  2. Tonya, I'm looking for the Sail Away set that goes with the Tommy paper. Do you have that set?