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Saturday, March 26, 2016

What's Easter All About?

So what is Easter all about? Rabbits? Egg hunts? New dresses & bonnets? Big meals with the family?  These are all things that many of us do around Easter and there is not necessarily anything wrong with those things.  However, none of them is what Easter is? Easter is all about Jesus - His death & His resurrection!

To fully understand the power of the cross and the resurrection, we must first understand the power & consequence of sin. 

When God created Adam & Eve, He created them perfect. God created us for fellowship with Him and to worship Him. Death was not part of His plan! He never intended for sin and death to enter into this world.  But once sin entered in, so did death.  Sin brings death! 

God is perfect - sinless - therefore, He cannot be near sin. But because of His love for us and His desire for us to be in fellowship with Him, He made a way for us to be forgiven - the blood sacrifice. (Check out the book of Leviticus for full details). Even from the very beginning, God had a plan for us in His Son Jesus! All throughout the Old Testament we see how Jesus is prophesied and how God over & over & over,  promised His people the Messiah - One that would become their High Priest - one that would become the ultimate sacrifice whose blood would bring forgiveness of sin - once and for all! Meaning Jesus would die one time for all people!

I know that many of you know the story of the crucifixion, but I want to share with you a few things that has really spoken to my heart lately.  Not just about His death but also about His resurrection!  (Please forgive my voice in this video - I have been fighting tonsillitis / laryngitis for the last 2 days.)

Praise God we can be assured that when Jesus said “It is Finished” He meant it.  Salvation is ours - His blood was shed so that I - you - can be redeemed!!!! 

But let’s remember, that our hope for eternal fellowship & complete restoration can be found in the words “He is risen indeed!” - It is His resurrection that gives us this hope & promise!

And this is why we can celebrate Easter -  not just today or tomorrow during this season but we can celebrate Easter EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!!!!

Check out Genesis, Leviticus and all four gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke & John for more information.  I also encourage you to message me (if you don't have my contact info-  leave me a comment below) if you have questions or want more information. I would love to share more about my Jesus with you!!!


Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Everything ABC's Blog Hop - Letter F

For this hop we will be featuring the letter F. This may be the name of a paper, a stamp set or an embellishment. Whatever the crafter has chosen as their F element will be featured in their post.

If you are here from Stephanie's Quilted Scrapper's Blog then you are on the right track! If you get lost along the way, you can always find a full list of the participants at Catherine's CatScrapbooking Blog.

For my Letter F creation this month, I once again am using Studio J and this time I using the Footloose kit with some Flip-Flop stickease to highlight our spring break getaway last year.  We had such a great time and the papers & the stickease in this kit are perfect for beach pictures!!!!

Here is my creation ---

I love how Studio J is so simple, quick and easy to use.  It makes preserving my pictures a breeze --- I am going to miss SJ so much!!!!! :-(

If you have not tried Studio J --- we only have until the month of April to get as many layouts completed as we can!!!

Now you can hop on over to Wendy's My Scrapbooking Blog for another Fantastic & Fabulous F Creation!


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Getting Started with Bible Journaling

For several months, I have been pinning images for Bible Journaling / Illustrated Faith.  As a matter of fact, as of tonight I have 140 pins for my "Bible Journalling" board.  However, it wasn't until December, that I actually took the plunge and illustrated a verse for the first time.  I am really enjoying this expression of my faith and I am learning to not stress out over trying to make it perfect --- my faith is not perfect so  my creations do not have to be perfect either.

Here are a few of my creations so far.

Disclaimer: Most of these are from ideas I have seen on Pinterest -- I am not claiming to be the original creator of these designs or ideas!!!!

I am still learning but I am enjoying this process.  I am hoping to do some regular posts in the future that is more of a devotional post with a little Bible journalling added in! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


Monday, March 7, 2016

Drawing Near to the Throne - Studying the Book of Hebrews

As many of you know I have been doing a Bible study of the book of Hebrews through hosting an event on Facebook.  A few weeks ago, I explained how all that started - you can find that post, Walking in Faith, by clicking here.

All sessions for the Hebrews study are now available with the links below. I do not claim to know all there is to know about Hebrews, I am simply being obedient to God in sharing what He has laid on my heart.

Please feel free to comment below.

Here are the links:

Drawing Near to the Throne Session 1

Drawing Near to the Throne Session 2

Drawing Near to the Throne Session 3

Drawing Near to the Throne Session 4

Drawing Near to the Throne Session 5

Drawing Near to the Throne Session 6

Drawing Near to the Throne Session 7

Resources used for this study:

  • Harper, Lisa - Hebrews - The Nearness of King Jesus, Lifeway Press, 2014
  • Life way Sunday School Curriculum - Explore the Bible, Hebrews
  • Bible translations used - ESV, NIV & NCV

In His Love,