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Saturday, August 20, 2016

God is Sovereign

This afternoon as I was studying my SS lesson I was once again reminded of His sovereignty.  We have been studying 1 Samuel over the last 3 months and I have learned so much about God throughout this book.  To set the scene, we are now in 1 Samuel 26 and we have seen the Israelites want to be like everyone else so they requested a king.  God reminded them they they were HIS chosen people and were called to be different. He told them that they didn't need a king; however, they kept insisting and finally God told Samuel to tell them ok I will give you a king, but just remember this was your idea and not mine.  Well they got a king alright -- Saul.  Of course Saul ended up doing his own thing (if you want details, read 1 Samuel) and God had to choose a new king for Israel. He sent Samuel to the house of Jesse to anoint the next king.  The youngest of Jesse's sons (12-13 years old) was out in the field minding his own business (he was actually taking care of the sheep) when he was called to come in. God spoke to Samuel and told him that David was the one to be anointed as the next king of Israel.

There are many things that happen between then and where we are at in the study but let's just say that things have not gone smoothly for David.  After being anointed as king (keep in mind Saul was still king and would be for several years), David defended God's honor by killing Goliath, he served Saul faithfully, and he became very popular with the people.  He had God's hand on Him!

But all this made Saul crazy jealous and as a result Saul begins an irrational pursuit after David - Saul wanted David dead!  David is literally running for his life.  In 1 Samuel 24, we see David gets a perfect opportunity to kill Saul, but David spares his life instead.

Now in 1 Samuel 26, David once again has a chance to kill Saul (and by human thought, he should have every right to.) However, David says in 1 Samuel 26: 9-11 "But David said to Abishai, “Don’t kill Saul! No one can harm the Lord’s appointed king and still be innocent! 10 As surely as the Lord lives, the Lord himself will punish Saul. Maybe Saul will die naturally, or maybe he will go into battle and be killed. 11 But may the Lord keep me from harming his appointed king! Take the spear and water jug that are near Saul’s head. Then let’s go.”

Do you see this? David is on the run -- truly fearing for his life from a crazy insane king (others have seen this so its not a secret) and here is a chance to kill Saul.  But David realizes that it is not his place to do this.  He cannot take matters into his own hands - he decides instead to trust the sovereignty of God! David realizes that God's ways are better than His ways.

David extends grace to Saul just as Jesus extends grace to us.

How quick are we to take matters into our own lives instead of allowing God to handle it? How quick are we to want revenge when we feel betrayed? Yet, what we really need to do is extend grace to those who have hurt us and let God handle the rest!!!!

God is sovereign - His ways are always better!

In His Love,

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