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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Waking Up and Turning North

Over the last few weeks, I have been in a funk! I could sit here and give you 20 reasons as to why but they would all be excuses. Because the real reason is simply that I had started snoozing on God and had become complacent.  What frustrates me so much is that this is not the first time this has happened - thankfully, God doesn't keep a record so I am not going to either.  Wednesday was a very stressful and overwhelming day  - to the point all I wanted to do was go home, curl up in a ball and cry! Thursday was a bit better (at least I didn't feel like I was going to break down) and then Thursday night I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, and came across a post by Lysa TerKeurst.  It simply read, "Lord, unrush me!" When I read that I felt God calling my name and saying "Tonya, slow down and remember who I am and all that I have done for you! Don't forget where I have brought you from!"

You see, when I get like that it really comes down to one thing.  I get too busy for God as well feeling like I can do this - I am in control.  Yes I was still reading my morning devotion and spending some time in prayer, but I was also thinking about other things and rushing through my time with Him.  I was rushing through everything just to get through the day for the next day to start all over.  I was in overdrive but going nowhere.

So Friday morning, I slowed down and really spent time with God.  Not necessarily a longer amount of time but it was definitely a  more intimate time with Him and I prayed out loud (it helps me stay focused so that mind doesn't get so easily distracted.) What a sweet time with Jesus I had and let me tell you it was the best day I had had in several weeks!

 I wanted to document this experience in my Art Bible. My mind immediately went to Deuteronomy 2:3 where God tells the Israelites that it is time to stop circling the same old mountain and turn north! They were going to have to turn north to move to the land God had promised them.  You see, the Israelites and I had something in common -- we kept forgetting all the amazing things God had done for us and had gotten comfortable where we were at - so comfortable that we kept dozing off! God had to get their attention - they needed their souls to be woken up and they needed to be told to stop going round and round in the same place because they were not getting anywhere! God knew that was exactly what I needed too!

Before we can move forward with God, we must be awake.  I love Ezekiel 37 where God breaths life into the dry bones and they stand up and come alive! 

Oh Lord, breath your breathe of life on me, awake my soul, & resurrect these dry bones!

 I am ready to stop spinning my wheels, turn north and move forward with YOU LORD wherever that takes me!

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